About CIPA

California Insurance Pool Authority (CIPA) is a Joint Powers Authority composed of fourteen member cities. The members of CIPA operate within the guidelines of the Joint Powers Agreement which is approved by each member’s elected officials.  The financial and operating responsibilities are shared by all members through a system of active committees, management and highly qualified consultants.

CIPA was established in 1978 for the purpose of reducing insurance costs through the joint purchase of liability insurance.  In 1986, the liability program shifted to a pooling format. CIPA has group purchased excess workers’ compensation insurance since 1986.  In response to adverse market conditions, CIPA established a workers’ compensation pool beginning June 2002.  These pooled programs have significantly lowered our insurance costs, increased services and created stability.

Since CIPA’s inception, group purchase options have been broadened to include Property, Boiler & Machinery, Cyber Liability, Pollution Liability and Crime/Bond coverages. These fully insured policies are offered through joint purchase programs with no risk sharing between members.  Premium savings result from the group purchase of these policies and provide a well-rounded program to meet the insurance needs of member cities.

CIPA provides numerous services designed to assist member cities with the effective administration of their risk management programs.  Some of the services include the following:

  • Risk Management Support & Training
  • OSHA Sponsored Training
  • Safety Subsidy
  • Conference Reimbursement
  • Claims Audits
  • Litigation Management
  • Legal Counsel Assistance
  • Negotiated Actuarial Services
  • Third-Party Insurance Requirements Support
  • RFP Assistance
  • Joint Vendor Agreements
  • Broker Sponsored Webinars
  • Shared Member Information Resource
Our programs have expanded through the decades, and we are proud of the organization that has evolved. CIPA has benefited from the commitment of exceptional members and committees that have contributed time to ensuring that we remain strong financially and that we provide the quality services that assist members in their risk management efforts.